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OASES for Change –
Organising Artistic Self-Empowerment Spaces

1. june 2021 – 31. may 2023

The OASES Project brought together Organizations from 10 countries to work together on answering the question: How can youth exchange be designed to empower participants in developing their creative potential; to create artworks in transnational collaboration around themes of shared meaning; and to trigger change in their local environments and in a globalized world?

Foto: Rebecca Lena

The OASES Project brought together 6 member organizations of the international ROOTS & ROUTES network and 4 new partner organizations. Together they brought a wide range of different experience in creating international youth projects, artistic residencies and workshops.

In the first phase of the OASES project, we focused on gathering experience and good practice towards the goal formulated in the project title: How to best organize artistic self-empowerment spaces for young people?

We collaborated to create frameworks in which artistic practices, exchanges between individuals, and self- and mutual empowerment can flourish.
In the second phase of the OASES project, we conducted pilot projects in at least six countries from the consortium: International Youth Exchanges with four or more partner countries and an artistic/thematic focus.

In the final phase of the project, we shared the results of the pilot projects and worked together on outcomes that will help both consortium members and external organizations interested in arts-based (international) youth work to deliver quality work in the future. In the process, quality criteria, guidelines, and tools for international youth work emerged.

“OASES for Change” is coordinated by RRCGN; partner organizations are Blues Derneği (Istanbul/Turkey), Centro di Creazione e Cultura (Florence/Italy), Empreinte (Lille/France), Royal Court Liverpool (United Kingdom), Stichting Lloydscompany (Rotterdam/Netherlands), Street Dance Center (Salzburg/Austria), SMouTh – Synergy of Music Theatre (Larissa/Greece) and Subjective Values Foundation (Budapest/Hungary).


The OASES Pilots


Statements from Participants


“OASES for Change – Organising Artistic Self-Empowerment Spaces” is coordinated by RRCGN and funded as a Strategic Partnership by the EU program Erasmus+ (Youth); the project receives further support from the basic funding of the City of Cologne for RRCGN as a specialized cultural education institution.