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Vasiliki Farmaki

Vasiliki Farmaki

I first came into contact with ROOTS & ROUTES through a project on racism coordinated by S.Mou.Th in Greece. After that, I started a series of journeys, both personal and artistic, which involved working with other artists, from different countries, in several disciplines and with different cultural backgrounds.

The great thing about ROOTS & ROUTES is not only the experiences I have had, both as a person and as an artist, but also the friends I have made and the contacts that have been made as a result. It is a school for life. I have improved in many ways, from learning how to discuss a topic and look at it from as many points of view as possible, how to develop an idea and communicate it better, how to listen attentively and respect every individuality, to how to work more professionally and efficiently under pressure, how to cooperate more effectively, how to combine and work with different artistic (and non-artistic) disciplines and much more.

From trip to trip, I grow wiser to the choices I make, to the way I act and react both in my life and in my work. I have also learned, if only for a while, the effort and collaborators (other than the artists) that are needed from a whole team to complete a project. This has made me respect and understand the work of others even more.

Through ROOTS & ROUTES, my opportunities to collaborate with other disciplines in projects involving a variety of artists and art forms have increased, as have my participations in festivals, exhibitions and competitions. ROOTS & ROUTES has provided me not only with knowledge and opportunities, but also with inquisitiveness and both the thirst and the opportunities for more experimentation.