They invented a game for us to lose so why should we stick to their rules?!
It’s time to break those stupid rules at our next reconQueer the stage on april 20th!

You want to play a 10 minute song about your special interest? 🪕🪈🎶
You want to perform in drag as the everyday quing you are? 🫅🏿
You want to do a live planting session on stage while ranting about the patriarchy? 🪴😤🌱
You want to enjoy your body and s€xuality while doing a strip or lap dance performance? 🍑💦
You want to reconQueer the stage with us and break the rules? Fill out the application form in our bio ❣

Date: 20.04.2024
Location: iJuLa (Herthastraße 50, Köln Zollstock)
Entry: 6 pm
Start: 6.30 pm
End: 10 pm
Motto: „Which rules?!“
Entry for free, donations for the artists are highly appreciated as we don’t have any funding for this year 😿

There are 7 slots available and if more people are interested, BIPoC & WLINTA* will be preferred.
Also text us if you’d like to help behind the bar, with awareness work or be our technician for the evening.

Poster by @macufi_

April 20 @ 18:00
18:00 — 22:00 (4h)

iJuLa – intersektionales Jugendlabor: Herthastraße 50; 50969 Köln