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Johannes da-Costa a.k.a. J-JD

Johannes da-Costa a.k.a. J-JD is probably the most famous son of the perhaps most unknown town in NRW: Willebadessen. From there he made his way to Cologne in the mid-2000s to stir up the music scene here. J-JD produces beats, makes studio recordings, sings, raps, writes songs, shoots music videos; his many talents have brought him to New York, but also to productions with Cologne hip-hop veterans “Die Firma”. With RRCGN team member Tim Junge he forms the producer team OMG Whatabeat. In 2006 J-JD was a participant in the first international ROOTS & ROUTES project in Germany and after ten days of workshops he stood on the big stage at Summerjam. Since then he has remained true to ROOTS & ROUTES: as an artist, from 2013 to 2019 as a RRCGN board member, and again and again as a coach.