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The RRCGN team implements the work of the association: From developing the project idea and submitting the application, to practical implementation, reports and other follow-up work. With pedagogical, artistic and planning expertise, the RRCGN employees are your contact persons for all matters: Whether as advisors, coordinators, material procurers, contact manufacturers or generally as facilitators.

Management Board

Our volunteer association board oversees the association’s operations on behalf of the members. Board members meet every few months, decide on accepting new members and make other major decisions. The RRCGN board is elected every three years by the general membership.


Our artistic-cultural pedagogical coaches are one of the centerpieces of our project phases: With artistic and pedagogical expertise and diversity awareness, they guide the creative phases during our workshops and encounters. With some coaches RRCGN already works together since the founding of the association (2013); some were already in ROOTS & ROUTES projects before RRCGN times (since 2005).


Like every association, ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V. is also supported by its members – the general meeting is the highest body of the association. Without our members our work would not exist in this form. Members are friends* of the association, (former) participants and honorary staff, partners* from youth work and other interested people who want to support our work. Any person can apply for membership