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Photo of RRCGN member Susanna Iheme
Photo © Susannah Iheme

Susannah Iheme

Susannah Iheme was born in Florence (Italy) in 1985. She works as a dancer/performer and collaborates with many national and international artists. In particular, she has worked with Marina Abramovic and re-performed many of her works during the exhibition “The Cleaner”, which took place in Florence in 2018/19.
In 2015 she founded her own company, Gruppo M.U.D., with which she collaborates with many different artists* in a transdisciplinary approach.
She also works as a dance/performance trainer and youth worker, combining art in education as a tool for social issues (cultural diversity, social inclusion, gender diversity).
As a trainer, she works with a non-formal and interdisciplinary approach and fosters the talent of young artists*.
Normally, she collaborates in national and international projects, especially within the ROOTS & ROUTES network. She became part of it in 2016, as a dance/performance coach for CCC, the Italian partner of the RRIA network, and in 2018 she started her collaboration with RRCGN in the framework of YafQRaV Baltrum Exchange as a dance/performance coach, with a peer-to-peer approach.

What do you associate with RRCGN?

When asked about RRCGN, my answer is: “Basically, it’s my second home, where I can feel free to see myself as a person and a coach, sing Spice Girls songs and share my deepest feelings in the meantime, always knowing I’ll find a welcoming, creative and safe group of people.”