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Photo of RRCGN Coach Maximien Aldebert
Foto © Markus Kauert

Maximien Aldebert

Maximien is a French musician. He comes from classical and jazz music education and works as a pianist, composer, producer, arranger for various artists (rappers, singers, music bands, choirs, classical and wind orchestras, video makers, theatre groups, dance groups,…).

He has a solid experience in a wide range of styles and aesthetic approaches, from classical orchestral music to hip hop including West African music or noise and free jazz. After 9 years as a music teacher in different music schools, he started writing applications and supervising numerous social and artistic educational projects for schools, cultural institutions, social centres, all over Europe. In 2012 he joined the ROOTS & ROUTES network as a participant and represented RRIA participants from 2017 to 2019. Since 2013, Maximien has been part of many RRCGN-supervised projects that engage him in the community and give him the opportunity to express himself and pass on and share his own knowledge and experiences with the next generation of R&R participants.