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Photo of RRCGN coach Sophie Laffont
Foto © Mahaut Moulinier

Sophie Laffont

Trained in the art of clowning by Christine Rossignol and Michel Dallaire, Sophie has been directing and performing for La Companik since 2000. Her work focuses on exploring mechanisms that lead to justice and social identity. In 2016, she joined the training institute Le Rire Médecin, where she obtained her diploma as a clown performer in healthcare settings. In connection with her creative work, her aim is also to educate the underprivileged classes. Since 2015, she has been running theatre workshops for people in difficult situations, such as exclusion or migration.

What do you associate with RRCGN?

I met the ROOTS & ROUTES team while participating in a European project to develop an innovative methodology for language teaching through non-verbal communication. This meeting was deeply touching, both on an emotional and professional level. ROOTS & ROUTES is first and foremost a team of incredible people with extraordinary energy. It is an organisation that puts itself at the service of the projects it champions and keeps the needs of the artists it works with in mind. ROOTS & ROUTES is made up of a team of dedicated individuals who choose projects in line with important social issues. ROOTS & ROUTES is also a network that crosses borders to draw attention to the richness of cultural and artistic diversity and its possibilities in Europe.