OASES: Professionals information evening and project presentation

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OASES for Change – Einladung zum Fachkräfte-Infoabend und Projektvorstellung (inklusive leckerem 3-Gänge-Menü)
28. July 2023
After 20 years in the international youth encounter work we have developed in the project “OASES for Change – Organising Artistic-Self-Empowerment Spaces” in international cooperation quality criteria, guidelines and practical tools which we will present on May 25th in Cologne.
Whoever organizes international youth meetings, or other youth camps/vacations, is usually familiar with questions such as:
  • How do we collect the necessary data of the participants and generate the necessary lists?
  • How do we organize the cooking in a self-catering house?
  • How can we make youth meetings as inviting, diversity-inclusive and creativity-promoting as possible?
  • What content-related and logistical quality criteria are important to us?
After 20 years in international youth encounter work, we have developed quality criteria, guidelines and practical tools in the project “OASES for Change – Organising Artistic-Self-Empowerment Spaces” together with youth work organizations from nine other countries: Especially for international youth encounters with artistic-cultural pedagogical approaches, but to a large extent also usable for other youth encounters and camps. We would like to share these working aids and tools with you!
  • When: Thursday, May 25, from 17:00 to 20:30.
  • Where: Protestant Youth Office, Kartäuserwall 24b, Cologne (near the Ulrepforte tram stop).
  • What: Project results and tools – plus a delicious 3-course meal, prepared by the cooking team of our last youth encounter according to recipes from the OASES group cooking tool.
  • How much: Free of charge (travel costs have to be paid by the participants themselves).

OASES Highlights:

OASES participant list tool based on Google Sheets:

Conveniently collect the necessary participant data and automatically generate participant lists in different formats – Erasmus+ lists, Land-NRW lists, lists to import for the EU Youthpass, lists for accommodation and meals (how many vegans/vegetarians/meat eaters are present at meal X?).
OASES group cooking tool based on Google Sheets, available in English and in German:
Quickly build a menu for your entire youth meeting from over 130 recipes; automatically generate a cooking plan with recipes and matching shopping lists. Enter your own recipes if required. Automatically adjust the quantities to the number of vegans/vegetarians/meat eaters in your OASES participant list.

OASES PDF manual with quality criteria, tips and working aids on about 150 pages (English language).

OASES Fact Sheet for participants – pre-layouted Canva template.
We would be happy to welcome you on May 25!

OASES PDF manual with quality criteria, tips and working aids on about 150 pages (English language).

OASES Fact Sheet for Participants
pre-layouted Canva template.
We look forward to seeing you on May 25!

“OASES for Change – Organising Artistic Self-Empowerment Spaces” is a project coordinated by our association ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V. with partner organizations all over Europe, funded by the EU program Erasmus+; we are organizing this info evening in cooperation with ESR (Evangelische Schüler*innenarbeit im Rheinland), with whom we also cooperated in the development of the group cooking tool.