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Photo of RRCGN coach Markus Brachtendorf
Photo © Markus Brachtendorf

„Be“ aka Markus Brachtendorf

He is called “Be” and “Be” is his philosophy. Some people remember the B-side of the vinyl single. There were always songs to discover that were not on the album or that were bolder. Plan B requires a creative path to the goal. Be means “to be”, and for “Be” that means to be fully involved and, above all, to think outside the box and not always take the direct or easiest route. There is more to discover on detours. “Be” is a producer, musician (multi-instrumentalist), lecturer, coach, (special & music) teacher with home base and Tonstudio Be in Cologne-Deutz. Be loves working in an interdisciplinary team, achieving goals, realising visions and growing together in the process.

What do you associate with RRCGN?

I joined ROOTS & ROUTES as a coach at the end of 2006 and I was inspired by the diverse vibes from the beginning. I am excited about working with the passionate young artists* and the other inspiring people and especially the strong networking. RRCGN is a creative family and I am happy to be part of many family reunions!