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Photo of RRCGN Coach Benjamin Mathieu
Photo © Arthur Pilon

Benjamin Mathieu

Benjamin built “Road Studio”, a mobile recording studio, in a truck in 2014. He records, mixes and masters albums in inspiring locations. This is how he discovered music production for himself and now produces bands, composes for artists and makes his own music. Benjamin tries to produce music that has a meaning and a personality. His goal is to dive deep into the artistic in order to express ideas and feelings.

What do you associate with RRCGN?

I discovered RRCGN a few years ago when I participated in a project in Cologne. RRCGN offers a really inspiring environment to experiment, learn and network with new people. It is a very efficient way for artists to learn how they want to practice and live their art. RRCGN gives us opportunities to give deep meaning to our art and to think about what we are and what we do, in our lives and in our art.
The connections we make, the projects we create, help us to be open to different disciplines, cultures and people. That is the most inspiring thing we can have. Every project is a new beginning that develops the network and its approach to art.