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Routes to Employment

1. september 2014 – 31. august 2016

This transnational project, which lastet for two years, had the goal to improve the career opportunities and competences of young artists and creative professionals. In this context, an info sheet on the topic of “Legal status forms for artists in Germany” was also produced.

Photo © Aileen Wessely

“Routes to Employment – Arts and Culture as an enabler for growth” (R2E) was a transnational project aimed at increasing the employability and life skills of young artists and creative workers, trained at formal and informal educational institutions.

The project offered answers to gaps in arts education and in the startup of artistic professions, by combining the open, flexible, holistic approach of the ROOTS & ROUTES creative education methodologies with the training and advising system for the professionalisation of young artists and cultural workers developed by SMartBe. This lead to the development of a transnational unified curriculum for young artists, focusing on entrepreneurship:
In the pilot training activities implemented nationally, the approach to the technical, specialised skills was embedded in a flexible non-formal setting aimed at

enhancing the understanding of contemporary artistic culture as a field of organic and interconnected disciplines, skills, sensitivity
investigating the relationship between contemporary arts and public sphere, and the artists’ role within community based projects and socially engaged artistic practices
stimulating critical thinking and arousing awareness on personal responsibility towards oneself and the others when defining and pursuing one’s objectives.

In the second project year, three short term transnational joint training events were organised for staff (managers and trainers) of all partner organisations, to exchange and test methods and practices in different contexts and with the involvement of selected professionals of the creative work sector.
Another result of the project are guidance sheets on legal statuses of artists and creative workers; the sheet on the legal situation in Germany can be downloaded here:

Statements from participants


R2E included partner organisations from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, the UK and Spain. R2E was funded by the EU-Programme ERASMUS+ (VET, Key Action 2) and coordinated by Stichting ROOTS & ROUTES Rotterdam (Netherlands).