Partnership Projects

Two people sit side by side on two chairs in a red-lit room.

Strategic Cooperations

As a full member of the international ROOTS & ROUTES network, RRCGN regularly participates in transnational projects multiple times a year, that serve to further…

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Several people are holding balloons to their lips.


This two-year transnational project, together with 7 partner organisations from Europe, combines artistic methods and language learning.

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Two people working on a flipchart. In the background, two people with a small child.


The project brought together 7 partner organisations from the international ROOTS & ROUTES network over a period of 14 months to create fertile environments for…

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A group of dancers on stage. Photo: Homard Payette

Mind Ur Step

“Mind Ur Step” brings together eleven professional urban dance artists in an international dance production. The project aims to bring together the urban dance scene…

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Close-up of a person with green eyes, brown hair and a blue hood. Photo: Rebecca Lena


In this two-year transnational project, 8 partner organisations from all over Europe and Tunisia worked for social cohesion and against discrimination, racism and Islamophobia.

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A person reads at an illuminated lectern in front of an audience. Photo: Aileen Wessely

Routes to Employment

This transnational project, which lastet for two years, had the goal to improve the career opportunities and competences of young artists and creative professionals. In…

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