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Baltrum 2015 – (De-)Construct Gender

Young artists from 9 countries came together on the North Sea island of Baltrum to develop short films, songs, music videos and small live performances on the theme of gender.

Photo © Aileen Wessely

// Urban Culture for Equal Rights and Sexual Diversity //

Young artists from 9 countries met on the North Sea island Baltrum to jointly develop short movies, songs, music video clips and small live performances on the topic “gender”: Where do gender roles provided by society give us privileges, where do they limit us? And how can we share the privileges and overcome the limits?

Results of the project were very successfully presented in Cologne on November 24th at Motoki-Wohnzimmer.

Partners of the international ROOTS & ROUTES network were Stichting ROOTS & ROUTES (Netherlands), Subjective Values Foundation (Hungary), Rock in Faches (France), Synergy of Music Theatre (Greece), Rutes I Origens (Spain) and ABi Associates CIC (United Kingdom).

Further international partners were Share Cluj-Napoca Federation (Romania), Club for Youth Empowerment 018 (Serbia) and Young Female Professionals (Netherlands).

Statements from Participants


Funded by the EU programme ERASMUS+ (key action 1 youth) and the City of Cologne as well as with friendly support by Börnerstiftung.

The team thanks Medienzentrale des Erzbistums Köln, SKM Köln / Lucky’s Haus, Weltempfänger Hostel, Florian Mimm, Heiko Walter, Tobias Königsfeld, Horst Hadler, Inge Hilbig, Motoki Wohnzimmer and Arkadaş Theater.