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November 1, 2022 - November 17, 2022

This year’s Baltrum Project focuses on the theme of Self-Care and Community Care, on which 40 young artists from 6 countries will work together from November 2 to 15. Thematic short films, music clips and experimental media works will be created in internationally mixed creation groups.

Photo: Elisa Roßkamp

How can we manage to engage in an increasingly stressful world without falling into burnout?

Self-Care and Community Care is the thematic field on which 40 young artists from 6 countries have been working together since November 2. In internationally mixed creation groups they develop thematic short films, music clips and experimental media works: Within two weeks on the North Sea island Baltrum, in a self-catering house on the edge of a nature reserve, where the whole group lives, cooks, sleeps, eats, discusses and produces together.

We would like to present the artistic results to you on November 16 in the iJuLa room in Cologne Zollstock. The number of places is very limited; therefore please register in advance by e-mail, please be sure to include the info if you want to come at 17:00 or at 19:00:



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#CAKE22 is an RRCGN project and is funded by the EU program Erasmus+ and the City of Cologne. The project was awarded a prize in the competition “Europe at home” 2022 of the Ministry for Federal and European Affairs and International Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia; the prize money will be used to co-finance the project. International project partners are Empreinte Lille/France, SMouTh Larissa/Greece, Centro di Creazione e Cultura Florence/Italy, Street Dance Center Salzburg/Austria and KITKC Kaunas/Lithuania.