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Marta Mesquida

It is hard to say or describe what ROOTS & ROUTES is in a few words, but I will try.

For me it is like an alternative I never imagined. At ROOTS & ROUTES I can do my projects together with great professionals and great people without having to go through a business filter or subordinate creativity to business.

At ROOTS & ROUTES I fulfil myself because I feel recognised in the philosophy and ideas of the company: integrity, respect, continuous learning, collaboration and creativity.
It’s a core of mental space that allows one to grow as an individual and as a professional, which fosters such an important quality as creativity.

In addition, there are the bonds that are forged during the realisation of a project: Relationships forged in ROOTS & ROUTES are solid friendships that transcend temporal, spatial or cultural boundaries. This is because the bonds formed are metaphysical in nature. We have come together for something beyond, we are able to integrate, respect and value each other to give our best.
ROOTS & ROUTES is more than a simple network, it is a family that grows every day and rewards you because it encourages you to create beyond boundaries with freedom and to grow daily as a person, artist and professional.