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The photo shows Alex Di Capua during a dance performance on a stage
© Penelope Brachou

Alex Di Capua

My first ROOTS & ROUTES Experience was in 2016 and since then, I couldn’t get enough:) So, I joined some more Projects. Those Experiences had a big impact on my growth as an artist and also an even bigger impact on my growth as a human being. Being, working and creating together on a joint project with so many different individuals from all over Europe, from different artistic disciplines, can be pretty challenging in many ways. Meeting new people, learning together, communicating through arts, creating something new and sharing so much time together, gave me new self consciousness, trust in my Self and in other people, new skills, a lot of opportunities and connections, relationships and self love. ROOTS & ROUTES gave me space to grow. I enjoyed every bit of it. Experiences like that help people to bring out their light and helped me to see mine.