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Two people sit side by side on two chairs in a red-lit room.
Poto © Yves Sanwidi

Rahel Düx

I got to know ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne before I even started calling myself an artist. There is a certain atmosphere and connection between people I have not seen or experienced anywhere else. The projects that ROOTS & ROUTES brings to life attract so many wonderful, interesting and talented people that I am always bubbling over with enthusiasm and admiration when I see projects and attend performances.I have always looked forward to being old enough to participate myself. What you perceive as a spectator, the great artistic results and the community that is formed is extraordinary but to experience it as a participant is something else entirely.

My first project as a participant was YAfQRaV, where I only became involved in the third year and was accepted immediately. Just like iJuLa, I was convinced not only by the artistic part but also by the subject matter. You have the opportunity to develop artistically, activistically and personally with the help of coaches (who are also lovely people), you are supported in realising your own ideas and you are surrounded by a group of open and inspiring people.

To this day, I always go into raptures when I start talking about the projects of ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne. I can only encourage everyone to bring a little bit of it into their lives, even if it’s just a visit to a single performance