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Ha Duong lächelt in die Kamera. Im Hintergrund sind Menschen beim Grillen zu sehen
@ Francesca Pignanelli

Ha Duong

I love to dance and it was in that time, where I started to learn more about dancing and being an artist. Luckly I got in touch with ROOTS & ROUTES in 2016 through a project which I applied to. I was so nervous and excited at the same time that I got the opportunity to get there. Here I was and with no expectations. I was able to learn so many things, from workshops from experts to masterclasses to try myself out, finding myself and got ready to share my knowledge to other people. From that time I was able to participate in more projects with different focus. The projects broadened my horizon in every sense and the exchange with interdisciplinary talented people is just one of many wonderful experiences you can make and I never want to miss that. It’s just amazing to see how people grow in their skills, in their person and grow together as a family in that short time. I have made so many friends all over Europe and the experiences we have made together last for a lifetime. The most valuable thing about being an artist is to create sanctuary for people and a place for them to explore their emotions and imagination. And ROOTS & ROUTES is the right place for it. I can’t wait for more experiences with you!