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The black and white photo shows a portrait of Moritz Bussinger smiling into the camera.
© Conny Beißler

Moritz Bussinger

My first time at ROOTS & ROUTES was the Peer Coach Academy 2016. At that time I was a fresh hobby producer and didn’t dare to sing or rap. The project not only gave me my first network of artists and friends that I still work with today, but also the courage and guts to realize myself in music. The special thing about ROOTS & ROUTES for me was the combination of profound, social issues, which are implemented in artistic disciplines. Knowledge, ideas and skills in combination with the different characters of the artists were always an enrichment and after each project you come home very tired but also highly motivated. What makes the individual projects so unique for me is actually everything that happens next to these projects. Be it conversations, ‘small’ side projects, nightly walks through Baltrum – in a nutshell it’s the people and the atmosphere that make ROOTS & ROUTES what it is. Namely some of the most beautiful experiences of my artistic career, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. So a huge thank you for your work and your great influence on young people and artists.