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Beatrice Croce

Beatrice Croce

I have a real passion for theatre. I love dancing, especially dancehall, house dance, voguing and salsa. The first time I came into contact with ROOTS & ROUTES was in 2015. A friend told me about one of the ROOTS & ROUTES projects and I immediately joined.

When people from different backgrounds work together, it can bring about the most beautiful circumstances. Extraordinary things can happen in a short time. I have learned so much from the others and about myself, and I have met many interesting people who have a lot to show and share. There are many possibilities, problems can be solved in a short time and there is always time to improve.

Since I participated in my first ROOTS & ROUTES project, I have been much more aware of dance and theatre than before. I have stayed in touch with some of the participants and met them in different parts of the world and feel part of an international community.

“Let’s learn from each other. Let’s teach each other. Let’s dance together”.