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Marialena Tsiamoura am basteln

Marialena Tsiamoura

Even though we do not meet that often, when I think about Roots & Routes, it’s like I think of a different kind of family.

I have participated in three different projects, all of them wonderful and so creative. My thoughts are so confused now that I want to write about them, just because I’m not sure what to write about first. This is why I am sharing with you some of my most beloved moments:

Getting all together to one place for the first time: New people, new faces, trying to remember the names, the countries, the different talents of everybody. Getting confused, making jokes, feeling anxious about the goals we have, but also safe because we are there to make them happen.

Eating breakfast all together: Taking care of one another, learning to say good morning in different languages, smiling even though some of us didn’t sleep that well.

Starting working for the project: Making plans and dreams, admiring what other people are really great at, wondering and wandering.

Having rehearsal: trying new things, feeling safe to show what we are good at and also to experiment, making mistakes, feeling disappointed about what we didn’t manage, feeling excited about what we create, trusting each other, being patient and inpatient, balancing all of our skills and making our best to coexist in an artistic way.

Hanging together at night: sharing thoughts and feelings, feeling happy and sad and anxious and optimistic, sharing hugs and smiles, letting the day go away and preparing for the next one.

Time for the show: we are all together now, we have done our best, and we are ready to share it with the audience. We are proud of who we are, what we created, how we cooperated, what we have to show to the people.

Time to say goodbye: saying I will miss you, call me when you come to Greece, making hugs, saying thank you for being there for me, thinking how lucky I am, thinking how beautiful meeting those wonderful people is, thinking how much I changed in this project.

Going back home: smile, smile, smile. Even though you are so far away, I know I have a different kind of family all over Europe.