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Penelope Brachou looks down
Photo © Theodora Theodoridi

Penelope Brachou

All the experiences i’ve got from ROOTS & ROUTES created the person i am today, in the way that i communicate with others, the way that i perceive things and in the way that i work.

A lot of times i find myself feeling overwhelmed by the memories i have from the projects that i participated to, and especially the great friendships and bonds that were created.
Through my ROOTES & ROUTES experiences i formed my “artistic identity” and i’ve learned that “There is always something that you want to express and speak about”, even though -at first- it’s hard to find what exactly is.

I’m really glad that i got to be part of a few ROOTS & ROUTES projects and i think it’s really important that an environment, like the one that ROOTES & ROUTES creates, exists and gives the opportunity to young artist to grow and evolve artistically but also as individuals and furthermore meet new people and paths in their lives.