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24Hz Festival 2015

25.–29. August 2015

In August 2015, a new festival for urban media art was launched in Cologne, to be followed by others every two years: international, transdisciplinary, multi-layered, inspiring. Taking place in Cologne’s Südstadt and bringing together young artists from Cologne and all over Europe.

Photo © Lichtfaktor

24Hz is the frame rate of classic cinema. It’s also an extremely low sound. So low it can’t be found on a standard piano, but in the sub bass drones of contemporary electronic music. 24 hours of a day mirrored in the heartbeat of a second. 24Hz is our code for the clash of media art and urban culture, for young artists working together across national and artistic borders, for the hybrid art forms of a near future

It’s our aim to install a new festival in Cologne featuring diverse facets of urban media art: 24Hz festival, scheduled to run for the first time on August 25th to 29th, 2015. The festival will foster and make visible urban culture and media art, putting focus on gaps and interspaces: urban culture between youth and art avant-garde; interdisciplinary rooms between installation, projection and performance; inter-culture as urban normality; international exchange of young artists with each other and with the Cologne audience; a temporary laboratory for upcoming young artists and Cologne based, established media artists. We also want to reach an audience beyond people who are already interested in contemporary arts, pull media art out of its drawer and make it more accesible for a wider public.

Statements from Participants


In Collaboration with BKB Charity. Together for Nepal’s children: 24Hz Festival and BKB Charity, the humanitarian initative of Buer’s non-profit Bergmannsheil und Kinderklinik (BKB) hospital.
24Hz Festival is funded by the cultural office of the City of Cologne and was crowdfunded using Startnext.
Partners of 24Hz Festival are: Stichting ROOTS & ROUTES (Rotterdam/Netherlands), Brouhaha International (Liverpool/UK), EuroEst Youth Foundation (Bucharest/Romania), SMouTh (Larisa/Greece), Associazione Centro di Creazione e Cultura (Florence/Italy) and Kaunas Cultural Center of Various Nations (Lithuania).