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Street to Stage

December 1st 2018 – June 30th 2020

Young people from urban dance scenes are confronted with big questions: how can artistic career aspirations be realised, how can their own talents and abilities be further developed? The dancers, choreographers and dance instructors Daniela Rodriguez Romero and Bahar Gökten from nutrospektif bring in their own experiences to accompany the participants within these exciting fields.

Photo © Almut Elhardt

With links to the urban dance collective nutrospektif, the participants dedicate themselves to interviews, conversations, collections, structured improvisation, research experiments with guided movement tasks in designed movement laboratories and choreographic methods.

“Street to Stage” is a three-part project; the first project phase, “Urban Process / Urban Research”, took place in three compact phases in the first half of 2019. The 17 participating young dancers were able to try out on various levels how they are connected to dance and to show this to the public in a workshop performance on May 5th, 2019 at TanzFaktur Cologne.
In September 2019, the project went into the second round with “Street to Stage – Urban Progress”. On December 7th 2019, this second project phase ended with a work-in-progress performance at Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum Cologne.
This will be followed by the third and final project phase ”Street to Stage – Urban Production”.

Statements from Participants


“Street to Stage” is a ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V. project in cooperation with OT Werkstattstraße (Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Köln-Nippes) and ZAIK – Zentrum für Austausch und Innovation Köln GbR, conceptually and artistically directed by Daniela Rodriguez and Bahar Gökten from nutrospektif

Funded by the program ChanceTanz by “Aktion Tanz – Bundesverband Tanz in Bildung und Gesellschaft” within the framework of the program “Kultur macht stark – Bündnisse für Bildung” of the BMBF. With support of the city of Cologne, SPIELRAUM – SpielMusikTanz e. V. and Barnes Crossing. We would like to thank the Michael-Douglas-Kollektiv, the Quartier am Hafen and TanzFaktur Köln for their support in the “Urban Research” project phase.