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LevelUp! 2017

3.–9. april 2017

“LevelUp! 2017 was our second artistic-pedagogical training week for trained ROOTS & ROUTES peer coaches. 14 young artists learned advanced methods and approaches for their own cultural education work.

Photo © Sascha Düx

14 young artists from the fields of dance and music took part in the project “LevelUp! training workshop for peer coaches in cultural education youth work from 30 October to 3 November 2017. There was input from professionals from Cologne, the Netherlands and Mali.

After a warm-up with RRCGN’s long-time vocal and performance coach Jimi Renfro, Elten Kiene kicked things off: Kiene, who developed and still curates/coordinates the successful poetry event series “Woorden worden Zinnen” throughout the Netherlands, gave the participants impressions of working in cultural event management; and took everyone on “The Hero’s Journey” – an approach to coaching artistic talent.

Then the group was divided: For the dance participants, there was an advanced training day with Sabine Lindlar (Cologne) and a masterclass with Lloyd Marengo (Rotterdam; awarded the Gieskes-Strijbis Podiumprijs in 2017). After a training day with Markus “Be” Brachtendorf (Cologne), the music participants could look forward to a masterclass with Luka Guindo from Mali, which RRCGN organised in cooperation with the Offene Jazz Haus Schule Köln; the resulting song “An de be Fela (Mali – Cologne)” is linked below.

Finally, there was again joint coaching of the group on the topic of finances and self-management with Philipp Godart (Cologne).

Whoever would like to book the young dance and music coaches for projects in youth work and schools is welcome to contact Janna Hadler:


Statements from Participants


LevelUp!” is the second project of the ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne association founded in 2013; it was funded by the DOHLE Foundation. A short video documentation of the project is available online.