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Sci-fi: Self Care Interaction For community Intelligence

17th of July 2022 – 28th of July 2022

The project “Sci-Fi: Self Care Interaction For community Intelligence” has 30 people from 6 participating countries come together in larissa, greece to work on an international artistic project and empower each other, reflect their positions in global structures and experiment on an artistic level.

Foto © Giannis Chatziantoniou

Nowadays, European democratic societies are facing a double social crisis: on the one hand, more and more populist, anti-immigration, anti-feminist, anti-queer theories and consequent acts of violence are unfortunately in a rise: at the same time, the pandemic forced the populations to refrain from social interaction and group activities and encounters and violently deprived individuals from the natural group dynamics processes.

That is why this project will combine young artists from all over europe to come together for a creative exchange in Larissa – what fell away, what can be thought new or replaced?

How can care become community care, what privileges can be identified through a common reflection and how can these be shared?

This and more is to be discovered in this project.




Si-Fi22 is a cooperation between RRCGN and SMouTh (Synergy of Music Theater in Larissa, GR) and is funded by the eu-programm erasmus+ (youth); additionally, the project is supported by the grant of the city of cologne for RRCGN as a cultural pedagogic institution.