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The ROOTS & ROUTES Experience

What happens when a puppeteer from Athens, a drummer from Rotterdam and a filmmaker from Cologne develop a project together? Along with 30 to 40 other young artists from all over Europe (and beyond)?

Photo © Nora Schwarz

“The ROOTS & ROUTES Experience” (#RRXP) is a series of international residencies started in 2008, in which young artists from 8 to 10 countries develop an interdisciplinary stage performance.

This happens in three steps:

  1. At an international preparatory meeting, the group decides on a common theme.
  2. During a two-week working phase – usually at the Landesmusikakademie NRW in Heek-Nienborg – a full-length play is created that is made up of the ideas and artistic input of all participants. Throughout this process, the group is supported by an artistic director and professional coaches.
  3. After these two weeks, the group travels to Cologne, where the piece is premiered – usually twice, in the theatre hall of the Alte Feuerwache community centre.

There is room for almost everything at #RRXP: Precisely because all participants can bring in their own experiences, skills and personalities, each Experience has its own feeling, its own story and usually combines urban, classical and modern art forms at a professional level.
In addition to the up-close production experience from the first ideas to the last applause, participation in #RRXP is an adventure for everyone who is interested in exchanging ideas with open-minded people and in new experiences.

The ROOTS & ROUTES Experience 2017 was awarded one of two equivalent young.europe.awards at the Youth Culture Prize NRW.


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Our previous “The ROOTS & ROUTES Experience” projects have all been funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme, the Child and Youth Development Plan of the State of NRW and the City of Cologne.