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DACRO – Dance meets Acrobatics

16.january – 1. July 2017

In the project DACRO – Dance Meets Acrobatics, an interdisciplinary dance theater piece with aerial acrobatics was developed over a six-month period with weekly training and rehearsal sessions and performed on July 1 as part of the festival “Füreinander Miteinander” in Cologne-Mülheim.

Photo © Stefanie Karrenbrock

Around 15 girls aged 10-16 took part in the weekly dance and acrobatics training sessions and presented their performance to an audience on July 1st, 2017. Many participants came from the Don Bosco Club Cologne-Mülheim youth centre and from the alliance partner MTV Köln 1850 e.V.

The artistic-pedagogical team consists of Derya Kaptan (dance artist/choreographer) and Regina Klostermann (circus and adventure pedagogue), who work together across disciplines and organise the dance programme and rehearsals together.

This was followed by the DACRO summer camp, where the participants of the first DACRO project passed on their skills to new participants as Peer Coaches.


DACRO is a ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V. project in cooperation with MTV Köln 1850 e. V. and the Bezirksjugendpflege Köln-Mülheim, supported by the programme ChanceTanz of the Bundesverband Tanz in Schulen e. V. within the framework of the programme “Kultur macht stark – Bündnisse für Bildung” of the BMBF.