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iJuLa Kick-off Academy 2020

17.-26. october 2020

In October 2020, 18 members of the iJuLa youth curatorium set off from Cologne to Heek: At the 10-day iJuLa Kick-off Academy, ideas for offers, workshops and events in the future iJuLa space were developed.

Photo © Yves Sanwidi

How do you organize a public space for creative encounters and substantive discussion when the space doesn’t even exist yet? The iJuLa Youth Curatorium had to deal with this difficult question at the iJuLa Kick-off Academy 2020.

While the search for a space in Cologne was still in full swing, plans were already being made in Heek as to what such a space might look like, what materials and equipment would be needed in it, and what programs should be offered.

Input for the 18 young artists on the Youth Curatorium came from various experts, such as Meryem Erkus, head curator of the Gold + Beton Gallery on Cologne’s Ebertplatz, and Amon Ritz, who reported on exciting interim use projects. Arpana Aischa Berndt, Mine Wenzel and Kalle Hümpfner trained the curators in intersectional, queer and racism-critical topics, Konrad Bohley and the RRCGN team accompanied the participants in the following concrete idea development process.

On December 1, 2020, the industrial hall at Herthastraße 50 in Cologne-Zollstock was rented, which in the following months was developed into the first iJuLa youth lab together with the youth curatorship; see the following video:


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The iJuLa Kick-off Academy 2020 was funded by the program “Demokratie leben!” of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and the DOHLE Foundation as part of the project “iJuLa – intersectional youth labs in the Veedel”.